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Destini Rogers is an award-winning New York-based dancer, choreographer, and master teacher with roots in the American heartland. Multitalented and versatile, she grew up in Oklahoma City, where she was exposed to a broad spectrum of dance forms — everything from ballet, contemporary and tap to African, hip-hop, flamenco and Native American Fancy Shawl dancing. She was accepted into the Classen School of Performing Arts, where she was a dance major and began choreographing more

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  • Broadway Dance Center
  •   322 W 45th St • NYC, NY 10036
  •   [email protected]
  •   212-582-9304 (phone)
  •   212-977-2202 (fax)


  • Children & Teens • Lincoln Center
  • 37 W65th St • NYC, NY 10023
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  •   212-457-0035 (phone)