CTP Registration

Registration is currently closed. Regisration for the 2016-2017 CTP Season will open in July 2016

Registration & Payment Notes

  • If payments are not received by the 20th of the month, a late fee of $20 will be added to your account balance.
  • There is a registration fee of $35 for all new students and returning students who register after the one week priority enrollment.
  • The Showcase fee and the Costume fees are due by December 4, 2016.
  • No Refunds, for any reason, will be given after October 30, 2016.
  • If your child wishes to ADD or DROP a class after September 27, 2015, you must notify Allie via email at CTP@bwydance.com. If no notification is given when dropping, YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ENTIRE TUITION PAYMENT.

Classes begin September 17, 2016

Placement Class Notes

Placement class is NOT necessary for any beginner students or anyone under the age of 7. Beginner students may register for any (age appropriate) Beginner, Beg/Int, Level A, Level 1, or All Level (AL) classes.
Student class placement for the coming year will be based on the evaluation and not on prior level. Placement is determined at the discretion of the evaluators and directors.
Placement Classes will be held on September 10th and 11th, 2016.
Registration is required before attending placement. Be aware that if the level requirement is not met after placement, students may not be able to continue in certain classes.

  • 7-9yr: Students with experience who would like to place in the Int/Adv levels of Ballet and Jazz on Saturdays may attend placement class.
  • 10-12yr and Teens: Placement Classes are for all returning and new students who wish to enroll in the Saturday Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Intermediate - Advanced Hip-Hop, and/or Professional Track program. You must attend ONE of the mandatory Placement Class sessions.

Register for all classes your student wishes to take. Placement in appropriate/required levels (see codes and symbols key) will determine if they will continue in all classes selected. If your student is above the beginner level (or they have had some experience but, you are unsure of their level) register for the class titled “Ballet 2-5” and/or “Jazz 2-5” (for teens) and “Ballet B-D” and/or “Jazz B-D” ( for ages 10-12). Your students’ level will then be determined by attending placement class.

  • Hip-Hop & Tap: Students ages 10-18 who feel they are above a beginner level may register for and attend the placement class for the Intermediate - Advanced levels offered on Saturdays.
    In the event that a class is full you will see the word “Waitlist” next to the class in your completed registration. You will be required to enter payment information, however, no payment will be made on the account unless a spot becomes available. If a spot becomes available, we will contact you regarding enrolling in the class.

To Register for Classes

Please review our tuition page, schedule and class prerequisites prior to filling out the registration form.

Schedule and class prerequisites

Please re-visit this page for the link to register in July. Please contact our office in advance if you have questions regarding the process. We look forward to having you join us for the 2016-2017 season!