Bev Brown is a teaching icon at BDC (most of our Hip-Hop faculty used to take classes with Bev!) She has a way of giving her students the confidence and skillz to stand out in an audition, or at the club.

Since Bev has been trained in Jazz, Ballet, Poppin, B-Boy & Street Styles... She teaches a Funk Fusion that can give you the edge on the competition. Many of her former students as well as her former assistants include dancers that are in most of the dance movies and commercials you know and love! Many are working with, or on Tour with, artists like Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, Pink, Madonna as well as the late great Michael Jackson!

Bev's former Assistant Victor Rojas and former Dance Co. member Q are working with Abby Lee Miller on Dance Moms passing on Bev's Funky Flava! Bev has even worked with Dancers like Pasha & Anya from So You Think You Can Dance, to help them develop more Flava in their Hip-Hop style. She also specializes in Group or Wedding Dances that can make the crowds go outta their minds!

So if you're tired of your Swagga being lack and your Hip Hop lookin Wack... It's time for you to see Bev at BDC!