Grover Dale

In 1953, a skinny young man from McKeesport, PA boarded a bus for New York with a desire to dance on Broadway and $130 in his pocket. It didn't occur to him that he would be cast in the original company of West Side Story, be discovered by Noel Coward in Paris, be praised by Judy Garland in London, be fired by Agnes de Mille in New York, beat out Dustin Hoffman for an acting role on a daytime soap, or co-direct a Broadway musical with Jerome Robbins in 1989. All of this was in store for the skinny young tapper from Lillian Jasper’s School of Dance in McKeesport PA.

For openers, Grover was cast by Michael Kidd for L'il Abner. After a full season of kickin' it up in Dogpatch, he auditioned for the notorious task master, Jerome Robbins, competing with hundreds of dancers eager to be seen in what became the classic version of West Side Story. Five days after signing a contract to play "Snowboy," Grover arrived at the first rehearsal with his eight lines of dialogue memorized. He assumed that was the only preparation necessary. Once again, Grover had more lessons to learn.

In the years that followed, he woke up to the idea that preparing for the next opportunity never stops. There's always a new skill or a new connection to be mastered. Exposure to artists like Jack Cole, Joe Layton, Michael Bennett, Peter Gennaro, Gwen Verdon, Ann Reinking, Rob Marshall, Susan Stroman, and Gillian Lynne gave Grover as many growth opportunities as a dancer could wish for.

Today, he's not only acknowledged for professional achievements but for jump-starting so many dance careers through his successful website,