RK Davis, also known as SKYLLZ, is a Jersey native with a strong infatuation for the arts. Growing up, he has always been fascinated with dance and knew that a career in this field would be his number one pursuit.

RK has since moved to New York City and had the pleasure of working with choreographers such as Nu Stylz, Rhapsody James, Tweetie, Dana Foglia, Luam, and Jermaine Browne, to name a few. His experience continues to grow appearing in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, various television commercials, including most recent Fiat promo with J-Lo, and has danced live for recording artists Nicki Minaj, Shontelle, and Salt -n- Pepa. Most recently Ryan has entered the role of choreographer, choreographing stage shows for up and coming artist Angelica Salem and shooting her music video for "Allergic" in Los Angeles. While continuing to further his dance training, Ryan is now also venturing off into many other forms of creative expression. Making his own brand "akaFOCUS Inc", Ryan is skilled in photography, video & music editing, and continues to broaden his spectrum for the arts. 

RK's style of dance is a fusion of hip hop and street jazz and is also influenced by contemporary movement. Having trained and worked with a vast array of choreographers, he continues to grow and adapt to many different styles hoping to share with his creativity not only diversity, but passion and inspire others as well.