Stylistically ahead of her time, Jojo Diggs continues to bring dance to a whole new level through her rare combination of training, energy and expression. She has taught across the US and Europe and this summer and fall will hold workshops in Singapore, Guam and again in Europe. She teaches sold-out classes at Edge Studio and Debbie Reynolds in Hollywood, CA. She has spearheaded and managed several large dance crews and has won awards in — as well as judged for — national freestyle competitions. She has received awards for her choreography in international solo choreography competitions, and has also choreographed for huge stage performances such as The Olympics Tribute at Kodak Theatre, Nokia Center, and opening choreography for superstar Omarion.

One of her youtube videos, which attracted over 20,000 hits, caught the eyes of Hip-Hop International in Brazil. They quickly invited her to instruct and judge an event that hosts over 1,500 dancers worldwide. Jojo has instructed along side world renown choreographers such as Tabitha & Napoleon, Tony Czar, Miguel, Lyle Beniga, Jabbawockeez, Sonny Fredie Pedersen and many more. She can be found smiling in the most underground club or on the most shiny stage, as long as she is dancing.