Willie Estrada is a 1st Generation Dancer from the South Bronx, and started in Entertainment back in 1973, after winning several contests throughout New York City, he was recruited by George Vascones, President of the Latin Symbolics Dance Company based in The Bronx, and later became the leader of the Rock Team which was called "The Rock Master's," he was initially recruited to dance on the Latin Symbolics Hustle Team with his 1st Hustle Partner Maggie Solis and Later with Millie Silva.

Willie is accredited with creating all the Choreography for the Rock Masters which was the first Four Man Rock Team in Rock Culture History and that routine would be passed down from 1st generation to 2nd & 3rd generations throughout the years long after Willie stopped dancing in contests and performing in shows.  Many of the steps created by Willie are original steps he created, inspired by Dance Greats such as Fred Astaire & Gene Kelly who were his Idols, some of his original steps are still used today in the Rock Dance Culture.