Born in Dallas, Texas and raised for a few years in Lagos, Nigeria, Comfort Fedoke now resides in Los Angles, California where she continues her career in the entertainment industry.

At age 13, Comfort had already involved herself in the art of dance and taught herself how to dance by watching numerous break dance videos and emulating Michael and Janet Jackson. As Comfort grew older she attended Booker T. Washington Performing Arts High School in Dallas where she continued to be the only girl “who got down with the boys," which continues to be the case now, and fuels her competitive drive.

Dallas Dance Club 21, a local Dallas dance show, was the beginning of Comfort’s stardom, which led her to being one of the top ten contestants on Season Four of So Do You Think You Can Dance.From there, she was asked to return as an All-Star for Season Seven. Since thenm Comfort has been featured in a couple upcoming films as a lead dancer in Honey 2 and the remake of Footloose. She also danced in the late Michael Jackson Tribute Tour and Justin Bieber’s My World Tour.

Comfort has worked with: Brian Friedman, Chuck Maldonado, Travis Payne, Stacy Walker, Miley Cyrus, Rosero, Jamal Sims, and Nappytabs, among others. Comfort is currently a part of an all-female crew composed of five girls, created by Sho-Tyme himself. Outside of dancing, she has also excelled in rapping and singing and is now pursuing her career as a recording artist. “My music fights against the system that teaches to live and die. Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling and instinct, NOT BY RULE.”

Comfort Fedoke


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