Brinda Guha has been learning Classical Kathak dance for 20 years with Kalamandir of NJ from her mother, Smt. Malabika Guha. She has been invited to perform solo internationally and throughout the US. In 2005, she wrote and directed her own dance production entitled RISE, based on the poems of Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. Since then, she has toured India, England and North America with original dance dramas and productions. She performs regularly with her dance school and company, and collaborates with several artists in the tri-state area. 

Brinda has learned Classical Manipuri dance in Kolkata, India from Guru Kalavati Devi for three summers. Since 2007 & 2008, when Brinda participated in summer-long Spanish Flamenco workshops in Granada, Spain, she has been studying Flamenco in New York City with Dionisia Garcia.

In 2009, Brinda founded an Indian Classical dance company, Kalamandir Dance Company (501c3). Brinda, along with artistic director Malabika Guha, wanted to bring together advanced dancers with a foundation in Indian Classical dance and use their experience with Western dance training to expand on original storylines and ideas. The hope was that a dance company with a rich repertoire of movement and expression would be able to demonstrate the true universality of human emotions and experiences. The result was a collaborative company of dancers with training in Kathak, Ballet, Odissi, Modern, Bharatanatyam, Flamenco and Capoeira who started meeting weekly to explore all the exciting possibilities that their diverse abilities, ideologies, and experiences had to