Native Israelis, Avi Miller and Ofer Ben are tap dancers, performers, teachers, producers and lecturers. Miller & Ben have studied Hoofing with a large amount of tap teachers and mentors in the USA, which are linked directly to the origin of tap. In their work, they also incorporate Middle Eastern and Israeli movements which they contribute to their late Israeli Master Ya'acov Kalusky.

In class they teach various approaches to a Quality of Sound Technique as well as verbal references to the history and heritage of Rhythm Tap all wrapped up in humor and fun.

Their tap dancing experience spans on over 40 years and in countries such as: Australia, Canada, China, France, Finland, Holland, Israel, Japan, Thailand, UK and throughout the USA. They perform as a duo: ‘Miller & Ben - The Israeli Hoofers’ or with their professional company: ‘Tap Tel-Aviv Dance Troupe’.

In 2001, they relocated their Jazz Tap Center, Inc. production office to New York and established the non-profitTradition In Tap, Inc. to produce tap workshops and performances devoted to the preservation of various tap masters' historic legacy and technique.

Their line of Tap Shoes – The Miller & Ben Tap Shoes – is one of the world's best 'Musical Tap Instruments'. The shoes are elegant, comfortable, hand-made, available in ten models and 50 colors and patterns. The shoes are sold at Broadway Dance Center, on the internet at:, and in selected stores worldwide.

In July 2007 Avi Miller & Ofer Ben were featured on the cover of Dancer Magazine, and together with Germaine Salsberg, they were honored in March 2009, with The Preservation of Our Heritage Award in American Dance by the Oklahoma City University.

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