As a choreographer, scene director and dance instructor, Eva Sanchez is seeking projects and ideas that will test her professional abilities and work capacity.

Born in Madrid, she began training in Ballet at anb early age. Nevertheless it was not dancing, but music that enthralled her, and she devoted herself to it, studying at the Real Conservatory of Music in Madrid. Years later, she stepped away from the piano, and chose dance as her profession.

After throwing herself into the dance world, nothing sufficed. Acrobatic gymnastics brought about a trip that would change her career. With Cirque du Soliel she embarked on a transformative journey, she began to feel every minute that passed was a minute less she had left and chose UK, Italy and the US to complete her training -- an ongoing adventure she hopes will last a lifetime.

Devoted to teaching, she founded her own school in 2003: International Dance Studio and Club de gymnasia Acrobática Madrid. In 2006, she began to develop her choreographic work. Her unique perspective in regards to the art of choreography, is transferable to any audiovisual field or context. She produced her first works through Acrodance SL, whilst collaborating on a wide variety of projects where she made her expertise and experiences available to others.She has been on faculty of World Dance Movement – The International Workshop under the artistic direction of Michèle Assaf and is the co-producer of World Dance Movement Spain.

Eva Sanchez


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Eva Sanchez's Choreography Reel for World Dance Movement