Neil "Dradle" Schwartz has been dancing since the age of seven.  After graduating from the University of Maryland and moving to NYC, he has had the privilege to work with Rhapsody James, Luam, Lisette, and Eric Jenkins. He has also choreographed for artists such as Push Play, Dnay B (alongside Jared Jenkins), and Taylor Bright. He has also had the opportunity to assist Luam on Monica Rush, Artist M.E., and was production assistant for Dawn Richards.

Most recently he was selected to be assistant choreographer with Lisette Bustamente on Girl Generation Hikkup. He has also traveled to Hawaii and most recently Peru teaching workshops and was a recipient at the Young Choreographers festival in 2010 and as a returning guest artist in 2011. In 2011 he became joined the judging panel for the World Of Dance tour and now teaches at Broadway Dance Center in NY. His choreography can be seen at NBC Live, World of Dance LA, Carnival Choreographers ball (NY/LA), Rhapsody James presents  Sirens After Dark and more.  

As a teacher I love the passion, drive, energy, and stories that my students bring into my class. I always encourage them to go beyond the steps and to dance from their heart. I feel so inspired by my students on a daily basis, and I am so excited to watch them grow in their dance journeys.

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