Established by Erick Footman, Garrick Footman and Kris Campbell with the view of creating a creatively free, talented, and professional dance company, Stryke Force came together in 2007 at a local school in Queens.

The start of Stryke Force was also the start of a strong and unique collaboration between a group of men with many different and unique styles who cry together, bleed together, and fight for what they believe in, and that is dance. Talent and Ideas are shared, Magic is made, and truly breath taking performances are created time and time again. What acts as the glue to such a successful group is the determination, drive, and the ambition that ignites within the heart of each dancer. It is their passion and focus in achieving and becoming their dream and the professionalism and respect that carry’s them.

In just a few years, Stryke Force has made a mark on New York City with several signature performances such as Carnival Choreographers Ball, Sirens After Dark, Sybarite, Hip-Hop Mix Tape Awards, 1st place winners at Showtime at the Apollo, 1st place winners at BET’s Wild out Wednesday 106 n Park, World of Dance NY, Street Dance XXL (UK VS US) televised performance, and MTV’s Dance or Drop (pilot 2008 spotlight dancer), resulting in a growing fan base. The dream is being chased, not the competition.

The mission of Stryke Force is to create, and continually enhance, a truly professional dance company. Our aim is to inspire people to grow by creative means with the view to making a genuine difference in our lives by gaining confidence and leadership skills while improving our talent. We push to be innovative in our dance style and push to project ourselves as positive role models within our community. In our own personal growth and improvement, we collectively evolve as one and redefine ourselves to ensure we are making a solid investment in our future