Ask anyone these days and they’ll agree that good talent is hard to find. That’s what Jayson Wright brings, with a mixed bag of creative choreography that embodies the definition of smooth. He combines the perfect blend of his soul-filled southern roots with precise timing and effortless flow, influencing many of today’s working dancers and choreographers.

Over his 20 plus years as a dancer/choreographer, Jayson has preserved all the right ingredients, and crafted his talent into world-wide recognition. His résumé reads like a “Who’s Who” of entertainment, working with the likes of Elton John, Pink, Marques Houston, Justin Timberlake, Tweet, Donnell Jones, and Jay-Z for starters. He’s appeared on the "MTV Video Music Awards," "The Tonight Show" starring Jay Leno, and Nickelodeon’s "Teen Choice Awards." His commercial list includes Sprite, Sony, Bacardi, and Coors Light. In addition to Jayson’s industry credits, his work as teacher and mentor make him one of the most influential figures throughout the international dance community.

There’s no doubt to the history or longevity of Jayson’s journey. His creativity continues to evolve and inspire each generation, while solidifying him as a bridge between the foundation of the past and the ever changing future.