Charlene "Chi-Chi" Smith

Charlene "Chi-Chi" Smith
Charlene "Chi-Chi" Smith

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Growing up in a place as culturally rich as the South Bronx, Charlene T. Smith’s upbringing was deeply rooted in the sounds of Funk, Soul, Disco, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Reggae and Latin music. It is difficult to be removed from such an abundant background and not take pieces of it with you, implanting them in everything you do and everywhere you go. As a teenager in suburban MD, Charlene became “Chi-Chi”, a moniker given to her by her cousin because of her city girl flair and (at more

Class Descriptions

Class Description

Chi-Chi focuses her classes on Hip-Hop foundation. She works on keeping the groove in the dance, for without the groove, there is no dance; there are only steps. No matter the technique (Popping, Locking, House, Dancehall/Reggae, etc), these styles are dances first and must be approached that way. This groove foundation will help any dancer execute commercial choreography effortlessly; the best kind of execution there is. In each class, history and vocabulary are introduced/explained. A dance class is not just movement, it's also fun!



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  • Broadway Dance Center
  •   322 W 45th St • NYC, NY 10036
  •   [email protected] (general info)
  •   212-582-9304 (phone)
  • Children & Teens • Lincoln Center
  •   37 W65th St • NYC, NY 10023
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