Graham Breitenstein

Graham Breitenstein
Graham Breitenstein

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Graham Breitenstein entered show business when he moved to Los Angeles in 2005. In his 11 years of West Coast living he calls himself, among other things, a professional dancer, an instructor with legitimate credits, and a creative producer - an artist inspired by those who came before him and motivated by the unknown creations of the future.

Graham is originally from Louisville, Kentucky (area code 502!) and from a very young age has always felt a kinetic bond to more

Class Descriptions

Class Description

Graham loves to help cultivate dancers, spanning from our friends with “two left feet” to the full-time pros. He loves to help students discover more about themselves by using dance as a vehicle for that epiphany. Sometimes a minor tweak in execution can make all the difference in the world in a dancer’s performance--changing a closed fist into an open hand, palm out towards the audience can inspire confidence in ways words can’t describe. That’s what Graham looks to accomplish in his classes.

Graham aims to create a safe space where students feel comfortable exploring different styles of movement, and sometimes, making a fool of themselves! It’s all in the name of expansion and a part of the process. Graham believes in seemingly simplistic movement that catches the audience’s eye and requires confidence and power from the performer.

Once students have learned the choreography, the class will review the movement slowly, with Graham’s oversight, and will be supplied with tips, tricks, and advice on how to improve execution, performance, and the motivation behind the character for that particular routine.


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