Victor Smalley

Victor Smalley

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Victor Smalley was born and raised in Miami. At the age of 14, inspired by his mother, he began taking dance classes. He started as a Liturgical dancer, and his passion for this genre led him to train in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, and Contemporary dance. He performed with the Friends of Time Dance Company in Dallas, and this first experience performing in front of an audience of thousands was the springboard for his dance career. 

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This class is all about expressing art through movement. Victor believes that an artistic soul flourishes best if nurtured by a sense of accomplishment, confidence, self-esteem and joy. Through a combination of choreography and improv, Victor's class challenges you to liberate your inner artistry. Inspired by the likes of Martha Graham and Mia Michaels, Victor does not just teach dance, but he also challenges you to change other parts of your life.


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  • Broadway Dance Center
  •   322 W 45th St • NYC, NY 10036
  •   [email protected] (general info)
  •   212-582-9304 (phone)
  • Children & Teens • Lincoln Center
  • 37 W65th St • NYC, NY 10023
  •   [email protected]
  •   212-457-0035 (phone)