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Thank you again for briniging your group to Broadway Dance Center, we appreciate your business. In efforts to improve our services, we'd like your feedback through our online survey. Please take a few moments to answer the questions below and click the "Send Info Now" button when you're done. That's it! We hope to see you soon at BDC.

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How many days did you attend classes and approximately how many classes did your group take each day?

How many dancers were in your group and what was the age range?
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Was the main focus of your group’s trip to NYC to take classes or was it just one of many activities?

What were some of your favorite classes and why? Which were your least favorite and why?

Do you feel our schedule offered a good variety of classes in terms of levels and disciplines?
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Was Broadway Dance Center's staff friendly and helpful?

Did you schedule a private class for your group and if so were your expectations met?

Did the current state of the economy affect your visit in anyway?

When is the most opportune time for you to bring a group to Broadway Dance Center?

When do you plan on bringing your group back to Broadway Dance Center?

What media publications do you subscribe to (i.e. newspapers, T.V., news, blogs,magazines, etc.)?

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