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Each month we pick one or more students to receive the Outstanding Student Award, and then they get their pictures on the website! Click below to see pictures of their time in New York City!

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Yizhen LimIt has been an amazing experience from the start, being in the ISVP program at BDC. In my time here I've met so many amazing people who have touched me - fellow ISVPs whom I now count as some of my closest friends in my life; creative, inspiring, dancers and artists; teachers who never cease to amaze with their passion to share and nurture the future generation of dancers. Being open to all these does not just improve one's dance skills - you develop so much as a person first, which only adds depth and integrity to one's work as a dancer and performer. I'm grateful and blessed to be here, and hope for everyone else who has the same opportunity to have a unique, fulfilling experience of their own, just as I am now.

-Yizhen Lim, Singapore

UrvashiI'm back in Bombay after completing my 3 month ISVP at BDC, and I danced yesterday for the first time after a gap of 15 days in Bombay…I just felt as if a new person was dancing. I could see my own improvement and i cannot express how happy this makes me feel.. and I just feel the need to say that I owe it all to BDC ... it has transformed me into a better dancer and a better person... I cannot thank BDC and all the wonderful teachers enough for the invaluable contributions they have made in my life.

-Urvashi Gandhi, India

ChristieI loved the opportunity to perform in the showcase! It was such a great experience working closely with people from all over the world. It is so different, inspiring and challenging compared to working with who and what you already know. I couldn't think of anywhere else where I would get an opportunity to produce a piece together with someone from a different culture who speaks a different language! It was so rewarding and I feel as though I learnt so much as a dancer. Thanks BDC!

-Christie Cini, Australia

Jessica Souza BrownThis year was a dream come true to me. To wear the blue ISVP shirt and everything. Amazing teachers, amazing people, and even more incredible that we all share one same passion: to Dance. I remain as grateful as I was when I first arrived in NY. So these are my wishes to all of you who are still in NY for this year to come... Remain grateful for everything, especially the gift of life. DREAM, LOVE and DANCE!!!!

- Jessica Souza Brown, Brazil

FabriceI miss BDC! I work a lot in Paris and haven’t had time to come back to say "hello!" to The Big Apple. I'm really happy because I'm the Dance Captain during the last two seasons of the original cast of Mamma Mia Paris. I also choreographed for a TV show, and right now I'm assistant choreographer for some auditions including Sister Act the Musical, and I’m working directly with the creative team. So, I would like to thank you because my experience in the ISVP Program changed my life, as a dancer and as a person. It was an amazing experience and I was considerably improved by BDC. I often think at all the hours and classes I took – it remains a great memory. Thanks a lot for eveything, I hope to come back soon... Bisous de Paris! 

-Fabrice Cazaux, France

DjakaI just wanted to take a moment to wish again a Happy New Year 2012 to the BDC team, you are truly awesome and make our lives so amazingly happy. My motivation and craving for dancing took me from watching those Intermediate or Advanced classes that look so hard to suddenly jumping into them telling yourself you just have to go for it! I went from one side of the mirror to another, I feel like Djaka in Wonderland! Thanks BDC!

-Djaka Souare, France

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