Broadway Dance Center Proudly Presents

The Musical Theater Performance Project

with Artistic Director Joshua Bergasse

Postponed due to SMASH!



What participants had to say about The 2011 Musical Theater Performance Project:

MichalMTPP at BDC was such an eye-opening experience. It makes you work harder, push yourself further, and really focus on your dreams and aspirations. I would recommend this workshop to anyone aspiring to be a Broadway dancer. Working with current NYC professionals from the business gives you in insight that you cannot receive outside of New York.
-Michal Kolaczkowski

IreneI felt that even though the group was large I was very informed. They really did a great job in answering all questions to the best of their ability and were very friendly and willing to help. Many even reached out to offer help after the program was over.
-Irene Gonzalez


DanielleI learned things that would have taken years in the industry to pick up on. I feel like I can make some sort of plan for my career now, and before I had no idea where to start, or end. I also really enjoyed the training with Broadway stars, who could ask for more?
-Danielle Alfredo

DayjaI learned so much from every class. The experience was one for which I am truly grateful. The numerous teachers and working artist we were exposed to gave me a better perspective on the business. Every instructor was pleasant, open and easy to talk with, I only wish we had more time!
-Dayja Legg

LaurenAnyone who’s even considered a career in musical theater should attend. It really helped me so much as a performer.
-Lauren Doyle


What participants had to say about The 2010 Musical Theater Performance Project:

Dominick Sannelli"It totally blew me out of the water. I love all of the MTTP staff so much and I want to thank them all for treating me so well and molding me into such an amazing performer. It's amazing when your present in a room with people and teachers who really put their hearts and souls into their dream."
-Dominick Sannelli

Eva Petris"There is no doubt in my mind that this workshop was one of the greatest weeks of my life. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this program."
-Eva Petris


Jeremy Miranda"It's amazing that in only a week's time, MTPP was able to offer a lifetime of knowledge about the business: meeting and networking with casting directors, talent agents, vocal coaches as well as connecting with current working industry professionals. I can recommend no better way to spend a week of your summer if you are an aspiring professional musical theater performer than at the MTPP in the heart of New York City."
-Jeremy Miranda

Hanna Klopic"I really liked the talkbacks with the performers and casting directors especially, it was like hearing it straight from the horse's mouth, from people who have been exactly where you are, going through what you're going through."
-Hanna Klopcic


What participants had to say about The 2009 Musical Theater Performance Project:

Jeremy Miranda"Having this workshop in the City truly separates this musical theater program from all the rest. The days were laid out quite effectively and encompassed a wonderful mix of classes, discussions, and insight into the inner workings of the business. I absolutely loved the discussions we were able to partake in with some of the biggest names in the business. In addition, the opportunity to see Broadway shows and speak to the cast afterwards cannot go unrecognized. It was a privilege to be able to share in that dialogue as well."
-Jeremy Miranda

Julianna Katz"I learned so much, and I feel I was really pushed in very positive ways. I was never allowed to get away with mediocre work, but I never felt like I was being corrected, just inspired to be better, to make my best better. I also think the faculty was very caring and nurturing. I have participated in other programs where the faculty does not even attempt to learn your name and face; where most students are invisible in the crowd. I was so impressed by all the faculty at MTPP, trying their best to learn everyone's name and giving everyone personal attention and critiques in class."
-Julianne Katz

Alexa Lindberg"I have already taken steps to become a better dancer and singer and, without this push, I would have never done it. I will recommend this program to everyone I know who enjoys performing and would do this again in a heartbeat. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had."
-Alexa Lindberg

Cristina Palczewski"I had such an amazing experience at the Musical Theater Performance Project! I learned so much information about the industry in just a few days. Not only did I get to pursue my passion, but I met some great people along the way the inspired me and pushed me to be better. Thank you for such a remarkable experience!"
-Cristina Palczewski

Adam Proulx"I feel like I grew as a performer."
-Adam Proulx



Melissa McCann"If I could rate this workshop better than a 10 I would! It was by far the highlight of my summer!"
-Melissa McCann