Chaz Wolcott

Chaz Wolcott

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Chaz Wolcott is an actor and choreographer based in New York City, and is a proud member of Actor's Equity Association. He earned his BFA in Dance from Oklahoma City University.

He just finished dancing his way around the country on the First National Tour of Disney's Newsies, playing Buttons. He taught for Disney Theatrical's "Get Up and Go" program, Broadway Connection and Stage Door Connection while on tour. Catch him in Disney's Newsies: The Broadway more

Class Descriptions


Chaz's theater dance class is the best of both worlds. His warm-up is fun and engaging, while working on technical development, strength, and awareness.

There are center exercises that address Jazz technique and most importantly assimilation, helping students prepare for the dreaded complicated dance audition. Chaz's combination focuses more on performance and storytelling then technique, with some technical elements mixed in for variety.

Chaz encourages all dancers to feel good about their work in class, no matter their level or ability. Coming out of class feeling improved is the ultimate goal. Focusing on the story or the message the choreography is trying to convey usually proves to be the missing element in booking jobs in the musical theatre industry, so Chaz tries to give students help and encouragement in that regard!


Chaz Wolcott's tap class focuses on reinforcing basic tap technique and building on various tap styles. A warm-up that both develops strength and technique and challenges the student's ability to pick up choreography begins the class. Next up is some tap technique exercises which help to reinforce vocabulary, clarify technique and build the student's repertoire. Finally, a combination of steps is taught to work on the student's acquisition of choreography. A variety of tap styles are taught to help prepare students for any type of tap that may be thrown at them in an audition or show or class, and Chaz focuses on preparing the student to be confident in their tapping ability regardless of their background with the style. Come tap with Chaz to help improve your tap style, re-examine your tap technique, and practice learning new choreography and being able to perform it, with confidence, quickly! 


Upcoming Classes

Thu · Apr 13
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Fri · May 05
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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