Christine Murray

Christine Murray

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Christine Murray (she/her) hails from Annapolis, MD and moved to New York City at the tender age of five. At seven, she was enrolled in ballet classes, where she quickly realized that dance was her passion. She went on to study disciplines ranging from tap, jazz, modern, and contemporary, to ballroom, African, hip-hop, and Flamenco at the Henry Street Settlement, where she also developed as a performer. Her style also bears the indelible mark of a martial arts influence more

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Hip Hop/Funk

A native New Yorker, Christine Murray has been dancing since the age of 6 and has grown up with an innate sense of rhythm and funk. She approaches dance with a belief that it is much more than just a sequence of movements – it's a feeling, an attitude, and most of all a form of self-expression. As such, her teaching style is about more than just learning the steps of choreography. In her class, you will also learn how to let go and really understand the feeling behind the movement. Her style incorporates elements of street jazz, freestyle, and groove step, and always puts a fresh twist on the fundamentals of hiphop dance. She pays special attention to breaking down the details of her choreography to ensure that her students truly grasp how it should feel on their bodies. Christine strives to create a comfortable, high-energy, and judgement-free environment where she can encourage students of all levels to let go, have fun, and let their own personal style shine through.



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  • Broadway Dance Center
  •   322 W 45th St • NYC, NY 10036
  •   [email protected] (general info)
  •   212-582-9304 (phone)
  • Children & Teens • Lincoln Center
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