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Enzo Celli
Enzo Celli
Enzo Celli
Enzo Celli
Enzo Celli

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Enzo Celli was born and raised in Italy. He began his professional activity at age 19. At the age of 25 he founded Botega Dance Company. In 1998, Enzo Celli's company received the ministerial grant from the Ministry for Goods and Cultural Activities. Enzo Celli becomes thus the youngest choreographer subsidized in Italy. It was Ottolenghi’s interest in Celli’s work that encouraged him to develop his natural instinct towards choreography.

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Enzo Celli's class is a class contemporary dance technique. Class leads the dancer to a thorough study on the center and its fundamental relationship with the movement, creating a dynamic characterized by strong physicality and the relationship with the ground. 

Developing the concept of Bounce, in terms of rhythm and dynamics, the circularity becomes dominant element, along with the study of a new perception of themselves. Enzo Celli explores the dynamics strongly working on the ground, investigating both the technical steps fundamentals Floor Work as subsequent contamination arising from the personal development of the technique. The Class investigates the creative moment of the dancer. It will bring the dancer to express themselves, without changing the form to the movement, enriching the dance given by the choreographer with his own personality and emotions.


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