Gary Beauford

Gary Beauford

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Detroit native Gary Beauford trained in the Washington, D.C. area, where he was a company dancer, choreographer, and captain for the award-winning Culture Shock D.C. dance troupe for 5 ½ years (04-09).

Gary's extensive performance background includes Sharaya J/ Missy Elliott, Jaicko, Jarvis, Mya, Rihanna, Austin Mahone, Musiq SoulChild/The Husel, Keith Sweat, AZ Yet, Twin Towers, and Marcus Canty. He has trained and work with Lyle Beniga, CiCi Kelley, Bubba Carr, more

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Street Styles

In this class you will focus on cleanliness, performance, and groove. This class will defintiely give you a push to develop strong lines needed to create dynamic pictures, and help you make better choices in execution. This will allow you to hold to choreography, and perform the movement given. This class will give a foundation in groove which is very essential to urban styles of dance. Gary will help guide you in the way you train, making sure you are getting the most out any class you take. Gary challenges students to think about the why, while allowing them to live in the moment. 


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