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J9 (she/her), aka Janine Micheletti, is a native New Yorker, a Hip-Hop dancer, and a street fusion choreographer. Her dancing credits include Madonna, 070 Shake, "The Devouring" in Times Square, Spotify, Mountain Dew, Comedy Central and more. She graduated from SUNY Purchase’s School of Art and Design with a concentration in photography. Thereafter, she has spent most of her professional life as a visual artist and accomplished textile designer. In 2009, she began taking danc...read more

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Beg Street Styles

The class begins with a well rounded warm up, beginning with grooves related to the foundation you will be learning. This serves as a way to warm the body and dive right into the material, allowing your body to follow before thinking too much about the movement. Then we concentrate on isolation down the chain of the body, including the isolation necessary to produce a wave. After this, we head to the floor to do a footwork drill, also serving to strengthen the body as well as give the student more material to play with. Warmup is concluded with a stretch.

After warm up, about 10-15 minutes is spent delving further into the material that was encountered in warm up. Sometimes J9 uses a freestyle circle to do that or will have students go across the floor. The main focus here is to have a discussion (whether physical or verbal) about what the foundation entails and where it is derived from.

This all leads into the combination, this will help students put steps into a sequential format and they can enjoy dancing to a routine at the end of class. 

Street Jazz

J9’s Street Jazz class begins with a warm up of grooves related to the choreography, isolations, strength and stretching. After a well rounded warm up, we will delve into the choreography. The choreography is built to help you retain choreography, understand fusion styles, and perform at the end. J9 will explain where movements derive from within the choreography and will focus on how to execute the moves stylistically and how to convey feeling through the steps. This class is designed ultimately to put your foundations into an arena where you can use them to perform choreography.

Children and Teens: Hip-Hop

Children and Teens: Hip-Hop


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