Joy Karley

Joy Karley

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Joy Karley holds a Master’s degree in Biomechanics and Athletic Training from San Diego State University and a Bachelor of Science in Modern Dance from Kent State University. Her background also includes extensive training in classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Latin, and Theater dance. She studied at the School of Cleveland Ballet and has performed with companies in Ohio, California, Washington DC, New Jersey, and New York. She has taught students of all ages and abilities, at more

Class Descriptions


 In this class we take a fun approach to building a movement vocabulary, refining basic skills, and developing good ballet technique. After steps are broken down and mastered, you will learn how to add style and musicality to your movements. Special emphasis is given to dancing from a physiologically sound basis, in order to prevent injury and make the most of your abilities. This is the perfect class not only for “beginners,” but also for anyone looking to build or enhance technique, improve your line, or increase overall strength, endurance, and flexibility.


 Perfect for anyone wishing to improve posture and prevent injury, this class focuses on core muscle strength while stretching and strengthening the entire body. This class combines traditional Pilates exercises with contemporary approaches to strength and flexibility training for an effective workout appropriate for all skill levels and body types. Increases in back strength, hip flexibility, alignment, and joint stability are just some of the results you can achieve!

Foot Conditioning

Open to and appropriate for dancers & non-dancers, any age or fitness level.

Your feet are your foundation & most important tool as a dancer. Unfortunately they are often neglected and abused. Show your feet some love & make sure you are using them correctly. We'll apply the techniques learned in The Fabulous Foot Seminar, as well as other exercises, releases and techniques to improve your strength, power, balance, and flexibility! We'll also address ankles, knees, hips, gait & more! Special requests welcome & lots of Q&A to get your feet looking, feeling, & performing at their best!


The Fabulous Foot Seminar

Open to and appropriate for dancers & non-dancers, any age or fitness level.

This seminar will cover basic anatomy and biomechanics, alignment, gait, choosing the appropriate shoes as well as the implications of various footwear choices. Strengthening and corrective exercises, evaluation techniques, stretches, releases, and the use of various props and training tools will be covered. Bringing a Fabulous Foot Kit is recommended. Available for purchase at The Shop at BDC.

Stretching the Truth

What is the safest and most effective stretching technique? Current lifestyles and habits (cell phones and laptops!) have changed common postural habits, causing new imbalances. Most people know they need to work on flexibility, but don’t know the best way to do it. Despite getting zero improvement, many stubbornly stick to routines. Others stubbornly refuse to start a routine. Myths abound, and traditions resist change. There are several stretching techniques, some more widely known than others.  The science of stretching has been around for decades and continues to grow, yet it is often overshadowed by the hottest new fitness trend. In this session we’ll review some common knowledge, explore lesser known facts, and discover a few new insights. We’ll answer a lot of questions and discuss some grey areas so you can learn how to effectively improve your flexibility! 

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