Matthew Prescott

Matthew Prescott

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Matthew Prescott, born and raised in Idaho, graduated high school from Interlochen Arts Academy and attended the inaugural year of the Joffrey/New School University in New York City. In 2000, he joined the Joffrey Ballet for a number of years before setting out as a freelance artist.

Working as a freelancer, Matthew has worked and performed with Donald Byrd's Spectrum Dance Theater, Alonzo King's LINES Ballet, Ballet NY, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Amanda Miller, more

Class Descriptions


The aim of my contemporary ballet class is to explore how we use the structure of ballet technique to make us freer to move. As physical beings, I try to understand how the laws of physics pertain to dance and movement. Together we will examine how contemplating the rules of nature enable us have a deeper connection to our bodies and how we move through space.

The class begins with a ballet-based warm up in the center that then transfers to phrases of movement across the floor and throughout space. Ideas of opposition throughout the body and in terms of movement are explored as the class progresses. The idea of action and opposite reaction is a cornerstone to my understanding of physical movement, and is highlighted throughout the class. 
I encourage the dancers to be clearly present and use the power of their minds to engage their bodies. Awareness to ones body and how that body defines space is a central theme to exploring the limitlessness of contemporary dance. Ideas are shared and developed that must first be understood in the brain before it can be understood in our body. I challenge everybody to have an active thought process to achieve mastery of his or her bodies. 
My classes are truly about exploration and the shared experience of being in a studio together. The dancer will be given full range to have a personal experience that enables them to explore the full realm of contemporary ballet.

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