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Princess Lockeroo
Princess Lockeroo
Princess Lockeroo
Princess Lockeroo

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Born and raised in New York City, Princess Lockerooo (she/her) is a multi-faceted performance artist, with talents encompassing choreography and artistic direction & music production for stage and film, costume and makeup design. This dynamic diva has been an advocate of bringing the popular and expressive 1970s disco era dance style Waacking back into the spotlight.

A student of the Legendary Soul Train Dancer Tyrone Proctor, more

Class Descriptions


This dynamic and energetic class combines the foundations of waacking with a blend of other dance styles such as street jazz, house, locking, jazz-funk, and more. Immerse yourself in the fusion of these electrifying dance styles and discover your unique expression as a dancer. Waacking helps to improve, lines, precision, power, and most of all musicality. This class is suitable for adv/beginner-level dancers, so come ready to learn, grow, and let your passion for dance take center stage.


This essential Waacking class teaches training techniques to develop speed, power, and precision through basic to complex arm combinations and footwork patterns. Through a series of intense drills and exercises, you will turn your body into a power house and waack like a ninja. Waacking is a great way to build strength, tone your upper body and channel your energy.

Adv Beg WAACKING (In Heels)

This class focuses on the sensual aspect of Waacking. Cultivate your inner diva as you learn to make the heel an extension of your body - to walk, pose, whip your hair with control and balance. This class will boost your confidence in traveling across the floor, turning, and performing power moves like jumps, kicks and splits while wearing heels. This class is great for all types of performers as we will cover the subtleties of facial performance, portraying emotion and commanding the stage with presence.


International Waacking Champion Princess Lockerooo brings you a new kind of Waacking class that focuses on the freestyle aspect of the dance and the development of the individual dancer.

This class will teach the tools and technique of interpreting the music, anticipating sounds, and being the living embodiment of music. This class provides the opportunity for all dancers to strengthen their rhythm, power, precision and presence. Waacking teaches dancers how to connect with their character, portray emotions and personalities through their movement.

Using theatrical techniques you will learn to make your dancing more entertaining and you will become more than just a better dancer… a great performer. Discover how to connect with an audience by honestly emotionally responding to the music. It is about personal expression, emotion and communication through dance.


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  • Children & Teens • Lincoln Center
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