Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson

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Scott Thompson is an award winning Director, Choreographer, Writer and Producer.

Scott has directed and choreographed over one hundred Equity productions nationwide and has worked with a ‘who’s who’ of contemporary Broadway stars, both in full musical productions and in concerts from Los Angeles to New York’s Town Hall and Lincoln Center. 

Scott has won numerous awards, including five Connecticut Critics Circle Awards, two San Francisco Critics Awards and more

Class Descriptions

Adv Beg Theater

This class features a solid 25 minute warm up followed by technique building; across the floor combinations with an emphasis on strength building, jumps, turns and body line. 

Combinations can be extremely eclectic covering a range of theatrical styles from Classic Broadway, (strong Fosse, Robbins, Kidd influences) to more contemporary styles preparing students for competitive auditions in a constantly evolving musical theater landscape. 

Int Theater Dance

A fast paced, INT/ADVANCED CLASS for the trained dancer looking for a solid workout, including strong technique building, across the floor combinations, followed by a hot combination focusing on jumps, turns, extensions and body line.

Classic repertoire is sometimes taught - including work by Fosse, Bennett, Robbins, etc. And original routines will be quite eclectic ranging from Classic Broadway to more contemporary styles. 
A good class for a broad overview of today’s musical theatre dance styles.

Adv Beg Theater Tap

A fun, fast paced class that works on clarity, rhythm, weight change and retaining choreography.  A warm up is followed by technique building across the floor exercises and combinations, finishing up with a center combination emphasizing style and precision. 

Int Theater Tap

A fun, fast paced class in the classic Broadway and Film Style of tap. Expect fun choreography, technique building exercises, a fun fast Broadway style routine!


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