Tavia and Tamara

Tavia and Tamara

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Tavia and Tamara have taught several workshops in various countries and at conventions such as The PULSE and Monsters Of Hip-Hop. They have studied Dancehall for a number of years including travels to Jamaica, the birthplace of Dancehall. Their experience in performing with numerous artists makes their class a great learning experience that anyone and all levels can enjoy. 

They have toured over 80 countries with platinum artist Sean Paul; all of Euro...read more

Class Descriptions

Class Description

Dancehall music is a type of Jamaican reggae, which developed around 1979. The style characterized by a DJ singing and rapping over raw and danceable reggae music (riddims.) It became very popular among the youths of Jamaica and then eventually made its way into the world’s music scene. The popularity of dancehall music has inspired its own dance moves and style that help to make parties and stage performances more energetic. Many dance moves seen in hip-hop videos are actually variations of dancehall dances.

Dancehall moves are very energetic and consist of a lot of isolations,movement of the hips and total body movement. Dancehall moves sometimes have specific names.

Our class consists of these dancehall moves made into choreography, all done to the amazing rhythms out of Jamaica, very energetic and athletic but also low and grounded at the same time. Our class provides students with new and exciting way to dance and move the body that all ages can enjoy.

We start with a warm up that consists of stretching, isolations, and learning the latest dancehall moves. Then we move on to teach a routine that incorporates all the elements of the warm up. Students will have the opportunity to perform the routine at the end of class.


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