Brian Nicholson

Brian Nicholson
Brian and Scott Nicholson

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Brian Nicholson is a Choreographer/Creative Director/Dancer/Artist who has a diverse movement background with the passion and heart to match. He and his brother, Scott Nicholson, are currently Choreographers and Creative team members for Ariana Grande. Brian and Scott strive to be the most up to date and contemporary bridge between many art forms.

Artist Credits include Janet Jackson, more

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Street Jazz

This class accentuates and delivers information and movement gearing toward Commercial Dance,becoming a Commercial Dancer, Stage Performance. With fundamentals from Jazz and Technique styles, coupled with grooves and hiphop styles, a vast knowledge base for the body and for vocabulary is created. Strong emphasis is placed on PERFORMANCE, intention, and focus of energy. Dancers will learn how to move with LENGTH and LINES while presenting their body with poise and artistry through pictures and transitions. Many things talked about throughout class are the importance of a clear mind and confidence of each dancers artistry while learning and receiving information, as well as class etiquette, rehearsal etiquette, and the tips and knowledge of how to work with an artist. A strong structure is placed upon each dancer when coming into class. The support given to each dancer from the teachers, as well as the other students in class, helps create a great place to learn and have a community of dancers/students work toward a similar goal. Building a strong work ethic and working smarter as a dancer are just a few things that will be achieved during this class period.


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