Dexter Da Rocha

Dexter Da Rocha

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Dance has always been a way of life for Dexter. Having grown up in studios watching both her mother and her father teach, she gained a broad and well rounded perspective on what is important when learning, performing and educating.

A well recognized dancer in the Denver competitive dance community, she was frequently lauded for her movement quality, musicality, dynamics and performance. These accolades afforded her the ability to move to Los Angeles to pursue her career. Dexter has more

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Dexter’s contemporary fusion classes provide a safe space for dancers to explore new possibilities in their dancing and performance. She strives to bring the best out of her students by emphasizing uniqueness, being present and finding passion and intention behind every movement. She excels at helping each dancer showcase their strengths while providing guidance and different goals/focuses in each class. Her class consists of a warmup, movement exploration, and a contemporary fusion combination.


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  • Broadway Dance Center
  •   322 W 45th St • NYC, NY 10036
  •   [email protected] (general info)
  •   212-582-9304 (phone)
  • Children & Teens • Lincoln Center
  •   37 W65th St • NYC, NY 10023
  •   [email protected]
  •   212-457-0035 (phone)