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Born and raised in the Boogie Down Bronx, New York City, Future began his pursuit of the elements of the Hip-Hop Culture (1979-80) with the original, true form of Hip-Hop dance, Breaking, but soon fell in love with the style of dance known as Electric Boogie (NY style Popping) at the age of ten in his neighborhood and school gatherings. 

He studied dance under pioneers such as Lil Shake and in later years Louie New-wave. At the age of sixteen, he was introduced to the...read more

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Class Description

This music and dance WILL help you release your cares and stress to ENJOY!! HOUSE (NYC's Freestyle CLUB dance) 

What IS HOUSE? We begin with a brief introduction into the HISTORY of the music as well the origins of the dance from facts and personal experience. Listening to the music is KEY-Understanding HOUSE music using Musicality & Rhythm as our Tools to Break the Codes of HOUSE. (This is a CONSTANT practice by YOU!!) 

Understanding the music with our bodies - Your own Groove- Experiencing/learning our bodies, "being moved" by the music, moved by what you FEEL ... ALL groove is based on how the MUSIC makes you FEEL, it's not a practiced dance. Building your own foundation... being FREE in your STYLE.

We will explore and Experiment Step by Step (NO ONE is left behind so take your time) with social style footwork of the past beginning with The JACK, the KEY component found within the groove of HOUSE.. 

FUSION is the History/experience of one's LIFE in dance with the ability through Self Expression (Freestyle) to use 2 or MORE styles of dance AT WILL (without thought, ZEN like) fully connecting or becoming one with the music...the ultimate goal in Freestyle for all styles... to be FREE!!

Please bring a towel, plenty of water, an open mind and be yourself!!


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