Luz "Theodyssey" Guzman

Luz "Theodyssey" Guzman
Luz "Theodyssey" Guzman
Luz "Theodyssey" Guzman

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Luz "Theodyssey" Guzman is a Dominican-American artist from the Bronx. She began her formal training at the age of 12 in ballet, modern, jazz, and tap at the Bronx Dance Academy, with continued training at the Dance Theatre of Harlem from 2009-2012.

At SUNY Purchase College, she studied performance art management while continuing to hone her technique and beginning to explore new styles, such as hip hop and streets stilettos. But it was in the years that followed more

Class Descriptions

Vogue Femme

Vogue Femme is the most current style of voguing often seen across today’s social and mainstream media. While stylistically different than the older iterations of voguing that came in the 80s and early 90s (think: Paris is Burning), Vogue Femme still maintains the 5 elements of movement/storytelling specific to the overall genre: hand performance, floor performance, spins and dips, catwalks, and duck-walks. As an open level class, we will begin by conditioning the flexibility and bodily awareness needed for this style, drill the 5 elements individually, and learn a choreographed combo that combines all of these learnings with a focus on personal essence and creative musicality. This is a very expressive, full-body movement class that will challenge your agility, strength, and awareness of getting to and from the floor. For it to truly be vogue, we’ll emphasize the expression of character, confidence, and storytelling in your movement, all while building your core foundation of vogue’s 5 elements.


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